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Tracking URL Arguments

All standard UTM parameters, as well as source, can be used to track campaign performance, differentiate traffic from different sources, and determine conversion events.

These can be set in the URL of the page where the tool is embedded, or passed in as a data-attribute on the embed itself.

Parameter Purpose Example
utm_source Identifies which site sent the traffic.
utm_medium Identifies what type of link was used, such as cost per click, social media ad, or email. utm_medium=facebook
utm_campaign Identifies a specific product promotion or strategic campaign. utm_campaign=vbm_xx_1
utm_term Identifies search terms. utm_term=vote+by+mail
utm_content Identifies what specifically was clicked to bring the user to the site. Often used for A/B testing and targeted ads. utm_content=test_a or utm_content=test_b
source A generic string issued automatically by some email service providers source=my_source_here