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VoteAmerica has integrations with a number of partners and platforms.


When a user makes use of a VoteAmerica tool embed, we collect their contact information. This can be passed to ActionNetwork to add the user to your email list and/or trigger an Action to inform targeting or ladder conditions.

Bluelink Lightrail

VoteAmerica’s tools integrate with Bluelink Lightrail so you can easily sync your data to Civis/Redshift, BigQuery, NGP VAN, Salesforce, Facebook custom audiences, and more.

The Movement Cooperative

VoteAmerica works with The Movement Cooperative to provide easy syncs of your data to your TMC Civis account. If you are a TMC member, VoteAmerica and TMC can automatically sync your data to your Civis account.

Learning Management Systems

VoteAmerica works with Blackboard and Canvas LMSs to make voter registration easy and convenient. If you are an LMS administrator you can add the VoteAmerica Register to Vote tool to your instance.

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