VoteAmerica+ has integrations with a number of partners and platforms.


When a user makes use of a VoteAmerica+ software embed, we collect their contact information. This can be passed to ActionNetwork to add the user to your email list and/or trigger an Action to inform targeting or ladder conditions.

Bluelink Lightrail

VoteAmerica+ software integrates with Bluelink Lightrail so you can easily sync your data to Civis/Redshift, BigQuery, NGP VAN, Salesforce, Facebook custom audiences, and more.

The Movement Cooperative

VoteAmerica+ works with The Movement Cooperative to provide easy syncs of your data to your TMC Civis account. If you are a TMC member, VoteAmerica+ and TMC can automatically sync your data to your Civis account.

Learning Management Systems

VoteAmerica+ works with Blackboard and Canvas LMSs to make voter registration easy and convenient. If you are an LMS administrator you can add the VoteAmerica+ Register to Vote tool to your instance.

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