When a user makes use of a VoteAmerica+ software embed, we collect their their contact information. This can be passed to ActionNetwork to add the user to your email list and/or trigger an Action to inform targetting or ladder conditions.


Enable the Enable ActionNetwork Sync checkbox under Third Party Integrations on the Tools > Settings page. You will need to enter the API Key provided by ActionNetwork.


Each VoteAmerica+ tool will get a new Action, like VoteAmerica Register or VoteAmerica Absentee. Each user of the tool will be added to your list (if they aren’t already a member or haven’t already opted-out), and then associated with the Action.

The Action will also have the following referrer_data:

  • source is the value of the ?source= parameter (or voteamerica_{tool}, if not provided)
  • website is the embed URL
  • email_referrer and mobile_message_referrer are ActionNetwork parameters that are set if the tool was linked via an ActionNetwork email or SMS campaign.