VoteAmerica+ software can be embedded in other websites with a short snippet of code. This will load our tool asynchronously via Javascript into a div with the class voteamerica-embed. This will not block rendering of the parent page, and the iframe will check the URL of the parent page for tracking URL arguments.

The software has minimal branding, and the fonts and color scheme should work with any website design.

Free software

VoteAmerica’s software is free for anyone to use. You can find the code to embed it on your website on the VoteAmerica website.

VoteAmerica+ software

If you’d like access to the information gathered via an instance of our software, you’ll need a VoteAmerica+ subscription. Please contact sales@voteamerica.com to discuss pricing.

Existing subscribers will find their unique embed code on the dashboard. Log in at https://secure.voteamerica.com/.

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